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Divorce is usually sad, but it doesn’t have to be financially and emotionally devastating.

Arizona Divorce Mediation

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Divorce Document Preparation

As-Needed Mediation
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Other Document Preparation Services

Low-Cost, Complete, Convenient
  • Child support and Parenting Changes
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDROs”)
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With their expertise in law, business, psychology and mediation,
our mediators are adept at resolving disputes quickly, caringly and inexpensively.

Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD

Dr. Ross founded Out-of-Court Solutions Inc. in 1995 and since then has mediated over 3,000 divorce and family matters. He is a select member of the Maricopa Superior Court Family Mediation roster. Dr. Ross is uniquely qualified as a mediator…

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Tamara Hirsch, JD*, LCSW

Ms. Hirsch is a very experienced divorce mediator with backgrounds in both law and family therapy. As a certified Situational™ mediator, Ms. Hirsch is exceptionally skilled at helping divorcing couples reach sensible financial settlements and effective parenting…

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Kimberlee Handy, Esq.

Ms. Handy utilizes her backgrounds in law, psychology, and family development to help divorcing or legally separating clients mediate their differences and reach their goals quickly, caringly, and inexpensively. Kimberlee’s years of experience in mediation…

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Founded in 1995 by Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD, Out-of-Court Solutions is the leading mediation firm for divorce or separation in Arizona. It is widely acclaimed for helping divorcing couples and families resolve their differences quickly, caringly and inexpensively.

Drawing on his unique background in law, business and psychology, Oliver originated the highly effective and acclaimed Situational™ approach to mediation. All Out-of-Court Solutions’ mediators must have expertise in law and psychology, and must also be certified in the Situational™ approach to mediation – which assures that our clients get the guidance needed to make fully informed decisions and reach durable agreements.

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See what our past and current clients have to say about their experience at Out-of-Court Solutions

Sherry Wright

Out-of-Court Solutions guided us through the difficult process of divorce. Valuable information was provided that enabled us to formulate intelligent decisions.

Judy Barreto

The professionalism, organization, ability to completely explain and make aware of all the options possible were kindly delivered by Oliver. I would not look anywhere else for a better mediator

Paul Simpson

Even under the best of circumstances, a divorce is a difficult process to go through. Tamara Hirsch proved to be an incredibly valuable guide through painful territory.

Jenna Marie

My experince using Out-of-Court-Solutions was extremely positive and I highly recommend their services to anyone facing as difficult a situation as a divorce or separation.

Tracy R.

Oliver and his staff made this difficult time in our lives so much easier. The approach to divorce was handled with concern for our emotional, as well as financial, well-being. We both came out feeling as though we were treated fairly and given sound advice for going forward.

Learn from our consulting professionals in financial, legal and psychological matters.

Legal Matters

Leslie Satterlee, Esq.

Parenting Plan Tip: Don’t forget to specify the summer parenting plan and schedule!
Although kids may be rocking out to “school’s out for summer!” – often parents are not. Determining a schedule for children during summer vacation and break from school can be stressful, especially for divorced or separated parents.

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Legal Matters

Ellen Lawson

Real Estate Options Following a Divorce
During the divorce process, if the couple owns a home, they will need to sort through a number of real estate options for their home. They will first need to determine if either spouse wants to keep the home following their divorce.

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Legal Matters

J. Kyle Scoresby

Annulment vs. Divorce
Ending a marriage is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes the individuals wish they could wipe the slate clean and make the last few months or years disappear. An annulment is a way of doing just that. It voids the marriage.

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Financial Matters

Bill Parker

How a Reverse Mortgage Might Help In Certain Divorce Scenarios
When most people currently think of a reverse mortgage, they have some degree of anguish. I would like to be the first to tell you that will soon change. I believe this because in the relatively short time I have been studying and recommending reverse mortgages, ...

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Financial Matters

Liza Czopp

Own a Home & Getting Divorced?
If you own a home and are getting a divorce, here is why you need a certified real estate divorce specialist.
When working with divorcing couples one should understand the underlying complexities, both emotionally and financially. The key is COMMUNICATION!

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Financial Matters

Bradford H. Taft

Following Through: How a Vocational Expert Can Support A Spouse in Finding Employment
The traditional role of a vocational expert in a divorce matter is to evaluate the talents and experience of a spouse, conduct a labor market analysis, and opine on their employability and earning capacity for consideration in determining spousal maintenance and/or child support.

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Financial Matters

Allen B. Lorenzi

Is Divorce on the Horizon?
A divorce is obviously an emotionally charged time for you and your family. You’re juggling a lot of arrangements and financial details. Most divorce attorneys suggest thinking about how to divide your financial responsibilities as early as possible ó particularly if you have shared debt.

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Financial Matters

Christy Infantino

Mortgage Options in Divorce
The process of a divorce is never an easy transition. One professional you need to have in your court is a knowledgeable mortgage professional. Hiring an experienced loan officer can help minimize some of the pressure you’re already under during this life challenging event.

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Psychological Matters

Linda Schwartz

Pre-Divorce Counseling: Making Joint Custody Healthy for Your Kids (and You!)
No matter the ages of your children when you divorce, you both want to be important in their lives going forward and to be able to do so without conflict between you and your ex-spouse. After all, you’ll be seeing each other at graduations, weddings, the births of grandchildren.

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Psychological Matters

Rachel Thomas

Conscious Divorce: A New Way
Nothing about divorce is easy. It can hit you in every arena including emotional, spiritual, financial, physical, and psychological ways. The level of grief and loss intrinsic to divorce is significant and needs to be addressed and worked through.

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