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Co-Parenting Agreements

We make it easy for unmarried parents to reach full agreement about all child support, custody, time-sharing, and all other minor child-related matters– all in 3 simple Steps for only $495.

Step One: You complete our Information Form and Fee Agreement (or by downloading it Here as a PDF form).

Step Two: We email our easy to use Questionnaire for you and your ex-spouse to complete and return to us.

Step Three: We prepare a comprehensive Parenting Plan Agreement and all required Court Documents.

Optional Mediation: If there are any disagreements between you and your ex-spouse, our Mediator facilitates settlement of them on a pro-rated hourly fee basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Would Benefit from This Program?
Any unmarried couples with minor children who wants to avoid the substantial time and expense involved in dealing with lawyers and the Courts.

What Does the Mediator Do?
With his backgrounds in law and psychology, our Mediator is expert at facilitating effective communications and negotiations, offering different options and alternatives for resolving any disagreements, and providing legal and financial information – all directed towards ensuring that ex-spouses make fully informed decisions about the amount of child support.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Everything?
Usually less than 60 days.

How Do I Get Started?

Click here: Information Form and Fee Agreement (or by downloading it Here as a PDF form)