How Mediation Works

How Mediation Works

Step 1: Free Consultation

You and your spouse meet with one of our Mediators to have your questions answered, learn how mediation works at Out-of-Court Solutionsand get a written “Time and Cost Estimate”.

Step 2: Starting

You begin the mediation with your mediator going over our written Rules and Procedures which ensure full disclosure of information and documents, an atmosphere of mutual respect, the best interests of any minor children, and the equitable resolution of all matters

Step 3: Getting Current

You tell each other and the Mediator your individual points of view about everything  in your matter including those things that you already agree, disagree, or are particularly concerned about. The Mediator gets up to speed with the two of you, asking questions and requesting that important information and documents be provided.

Step 4: Finishing

The two of you work together with your mediator to divide your property and debts, determine the amounts of any spousal or child support, and develop a durable parenting plan for any minor children.

The Mediator helps the two of you communicate and negotiate effectively, consider different alternatives for resolving disagreements, and provides legal, financial, and tax information.

Most matters that don’t involve minor children are fully resolved in 3-5 hours of mediation, while those with minor children typically take 5-7 hours.

Step 5: Settlement Agreement

Based on  the decisions the two of you made during Steps 3 and 4, we prepare for your review and approval a detailed legally binding settlement contract  which is submitted to the Court along with all the other legal documents needed to finalize your divorce or legal separation.

Note: Court Documents 
We will prepare your beginning set of court documents at any time you choose during Steps 1 through Step 5. We will prepare your ending set of court documents after the two of you complete Step 5.

Like everything else in our mediation process, you and your spouse decide everything and retain complete control.