Rachel A. (former divorce mediation client)

Hi Tammy. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and making this difficult time go as smoothly as possible. You are very kind and wonderful to work with.

Judy B. (former divorce mediation client)

The professionalism, organization, ability to completely explain and make aware of all the options possible were kindly delivered by Oliver. I would not look anywhere else for a better mediator. Not only does Oliver have vast knowledge of the law, but he also has the psychology doctorate that assists in the most steam line communications between the two divorcing parties. Oliver does a great job disclosing and explaining up front the expectations to be maintained through the entire mediation process in order to maximize your time and to save you money. Emails were sent quickly, with additional data to read–on your own–to make the mediation sessions as efficient as possible. Oliver truly wants to deliver all information so both parties can make the best informed decisions. If I hear of anyone who may need a mediator in the future, Oliver Ross at Out of Court Solutions is the top choice! As I have shared my experience with several people going through the divorce process, they are dumb founded by the speed in which my case has proceeded. I am convinced it has to do with all of the details that Oliver has attentively included in the process. Look no further! Out of Court Solutions with Oliver Ross is your best bet for a professional and well informed mediation that maximizes your valuable time and saves you money.

Jennifer Z. (former divorce mediation client)

Thank you very much, Tammy, for all of your help and expertise during this process. It couldn’t have gone any better, and certainly exceeded my expectations. The kids are adjusting beautifully, in large part thanks to your guidance.

Jan B (former divorce mediation client)

Oliver is an excellent mediator and very skilled at what he does. His unique background and skill set make him a true asset to any couple going through a mediated divorce. The entire office was wonderful and responsive and great to work with. Tina follows through on every detail, meets every deadline and is excellent with communicating every piece of information you need as a client. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs a mediator.

Suzan Pearlstein, Attorney

Oliver’s unique blend of legal knowledge and compassion makes the mediation process productive and satisfying for both clients and attorneys.

Jenn P. (former divorce mediation client)

Hi Tammy, I want to send a separate email with a sincere Thank You. This process is harrowing at best and your knowledge, professionalism and tact made it so much more manageable. I think I can also speak for John in saying that we very much appreciated the balance and calmness you were able to bring and help us maintain throughout. We are very happy to be able to remain friends with each other afterwards and that is such a gift.

Jane P (former divorce mediation client)

Oliver Ross has a unique background, including legal, counseling, and his own personal experiences, that make him a superb mediator. He is able to calm tense situations, bring perspective, and be the voice of reason. I highly recommend him to anyone going through the pain of divorce.

Steve S (former divorce mediation client)

Thanks for what you and your organization do for people that find themselves going through this horrible situation of divorce. I cannot say enough about the kind and efficient manner in which you and your staff have helped me.

Sandy Jardine, M.S., C.P.C.

Oliver is a very skillful, thoughtful mediator. He understands the pain of divorce and works to support people through this process with dignity and respect.

Jonathon Brooks, Ph.D.

Sometimes couples cannot resolve their differences and decide to divorce. This is often a painful decision that can create a great deal of animosity and bitterness. I have referred couples to Out-of-Court Solutions because of my confidence in their ability to help couples come to new terms in their relationship in a compassionate, impartial, and efficient way.

Gary Frank, Attorney

I truly can say that when recommending mediators to my clients and other attorneys, Oliver Ross is at the top of my list. It is rare to have clients call later and thank me for a referral but this is exactly what happens when I send people his way.

Dennis Hunter, Ph.D.

I have referred many clients to Oliver Ross for mediation and have consistently received great feedback. Most say that Dr. Ross is compassionate, fair, and thorough in all of his work. Some have said that he has had a remarkable calming effect on their relationship. I now encourage everyone who might be considering divorce to call Oliver first!