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Out-of-Court Solutions is a Mesa AZ Divorce Mediation firm. Mediation can be an extremely beneficial activity for persons going through divorce proceedings. Lawyers benefit most from fighting for your side of the case, which can often lead to extremely adversarial divorces. Why get mired in more of the upset and emotions which led to divorcing? Isn’t it time to get your divorced finalized and get on with your life?

Oliver Ross and his team have mediated over 1500 divorces. They have dealt with situations that range from mild to almost violently contentious, and have managed to produce equitable outcomes each and every time. Don’t let your divorce lawyer take you to the cleaners. With professional mediation, you can get through divorce far quicker and with far less legal fees than would be expected from the traditional process of one lawyer vs another.

Child Custody Mediation In Divorce

Often, one of the most trying parts of a divorce is the impact it has on the children of the dissolved union. Most of the stages of the grieving process can be identified in children of divorce, and the severity of the trauma can be made exponentially worse by the fighting that can occur during the divorce. Mediation can help solve issues of child custody and parenting time in the best interests of the child. Don’t let your kid become part of a cycle of animosity with your ex – a good divorce mediator can make these issues less of a fight, and less of a negative experience for the child in the this union.

An Introduction To Mesa Divorce and Child Related Mediation By Out-of-Court Solutions