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Divorce Mediation Services

Out-of-Court Solutions in Peoria has been providing matchless divorce mediation assistance since 1995 and is the leading mediation company in Arizona. We offer a highly effective form of mediation by utilizing our skills and experience in law, business and psychology. Our mediators will present opportunities for each person to express their feelings and concerns as well as establish their desired goals. Once goals have been established and everyone has had a chance to speak, our mediators inform everyone of the legal, monetary and parenting complexities involved in the situation. By doing this, necessary discussions and negotiations will be able to take place so that a legally binding settlement can be reached.

Out-of-Court Solutions in Peoria makes it a priority to clarify rules and procedures of mediation keep both mediating parties on the same page at all times. An atmosphere of mutual respect will be fostered throughout as each party will have an opportunity to speak, without interruption, about the situation as they see it as well as the goals they hope to achieve through mediation. Our Peoria mediators will listen to goals and help discuss potential options and outcomes so that a mutually satisfactory resolution can be reached. We will also prepare a settlement agreement and all appropriate court documents on your behalf to save you money, time and frustration and help you avoid ever having to go to court. Out-of-Court Solutions in Peoria is proud to have helped over 95% of clients resolve issues quickly, inexpensively and with minimum tension or hostility.

There are times when mediation is not needed because most everything has already been agreed upon. But often, in those circumstances people still need legal assistance which is why Out-of-Court Solutions in Peoria provides document preparation services. We will address your concerns and answer any and all questions to ensure everyone is in agreement and everything is in order. We will prepare all necessary divorce documents on your behalf so that they cover every important aspect such as legal issues, financial issues and the care of any minor children. Out-of-Court Solutions in Peoria will provide you the legal assistance you need to properly prepare all necessary documents and help you quickly, easily and inexpensively legally separate or divorce in Arizona.

List of Mediation and Document Preparation Services offered:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Family-Business
  • Post-Divorce Child Support, Custody, and Other Parenting Issues
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial
  • Post-Nuptial

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Mediation Testimonials

Jennifer Z. (former divorce mediaiton client)

Thank you very much, Tammy, for all of your help and expertise during this process. It couldn’t have gone any better, and certainly exceeded my expectations. The kids are adjusting beautifully, in large part thanks to your guidance.

Jan B (former divorce mediation client)

Oliver is an excellent mediator and very skilled at what he does. His unique background and skill set make him a true asset to any couple going through a mediated divorce. The entire office was wonderful and responsive and great to work with. Tina follows through on every detail, meets every deadline and is excellent with communicating every piece of information you need as a client. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs a mediator.